consumer protection council
consumer protection council


Somto Chuks

Consumer Protection Council is another regulatory agency responsible for the standardization of products, elimination or removing hazardous products and causing offenders to replace such good with safer and more appropriate alternatives. It was established in 1992 with the current status as Consumer Protection Council.


consumer protection council
consumer protection council


From the functions and powers of Consumer Protection Council, it can be discerned that it has a mandate for reducing fake or counterfeits products from circulation which patent law to seeks to achieve, that is, fight against counterfeiters. Reduction of infringement of products is an advantage to the inventor. In the discharge of these functions, the CPC establishes State Committees charged with the duty of receiving and examining complaints of consumers, negotiation and, where appropriate, recommend for compensation. Through these Committees the activities of counterfeiters are monitored at the State and national level thus reducing infringement on patent rights. While the standardization functions of the SON suggests and supports a preventative model that of the CPC is redressal.


The regulatory agency does the role of providing for consumers’ rights in the light of the Act. The proper mix between these two models, namely SON and Consumer Protection Council goes a long way in ensuring the effectiveness of the consumer protection regime. The desire to make a meaningful impact on individual consumers in terms of personal satisfaction accounts for the allowance of compensation orders to redress or remedy personal losses, injury or damage even where the initiation of action is the prosecution of an offense under the CPC Act. Similarly, Section 10 of the Consumer Protection Council, where it appears to the Council or the State Committee that a person carrying on a business has in the course of that business persisted in a course of conduct which is detrimental to the interest of consumers, that is, counterfeit or unauthorized imitation of patented products, the Council or the State Committee shall use its best endeavor to obtain from him a satisfactory written assurance that he will refrain from a continuation of that course of conduct. This is synonymous with the spirit of patent law that demand, that stoppage of infringement would first be communicated to the infringers.

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